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Dinner Party

Chef's Sephardic Table:
Exploring History and Flavors

This new concept offers to learn and taste Sephardic Jewish History. 

"Chef's Sephardic Table: Exploring History and Flavors" proposes to everyone interested in the food and the History of the Sephardic Jews, to sit at the tables of Scholars and Chefs. Everyone would be able to attend lectures I give, book presentations, to dine with chefs and I who recreate the food I mention in my researches like food that the Jews ate during the 13th century or while they were living under the Inquisition period. This concept also offers to participate in workshops and to purchase products related to my research on the Sephardim.


The lecture would deals with the History of the Jews of Spain and the diaspora through their food consumptions, from the late Middle Ages to Today. It could be focused on Inquisition trials, cookbooks, medical books, literature, etc. The celebration of the Jewish holidays could be a topic for the lecture.

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Workshops offer the possibility to be part of different kinds of activities related to the Sephardic culinary Heritage, like cooking demo, tours, etc.

Sephardi Cooking the History with Hélène Jawhara Piñer  Fall 2022.png


I am currently working on products based on my work and related to Sephardi cuisine, like spoons, aprons, kitchen towels, etc.

Baking Tools


Diners represent the practical side of my research. I work in collaboration with Chefs who use my cookbook recipes and my research to highlight the culinary history of the Sephardim. We work together to create a menu according the History.  I was honored to work with the famous chef Michael Solomonov for the first edition of the "Chef's Sephardic Table".  We did a Sephardic menu based on my cookbook SEPHARDI. It was in March 2022, in Pittsburgh at Morcilla restaurant. Chef Daniel Ovadía will be the second chef with who I am collaborating. We are currently working on Sukkot menu that will be presented in one of his wonderful restaurant Merkavá, in Mexico City in October 3th-5th, 2023.

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Book talks are essential and constitute a written culinary legacy that need to be highlighted. My cookbook "Sephardi: Cooking the History" and my book "Jews, Food and Spain" are part of the concept "Chef's Sephardic Table" because without this academic work we could not organize diners with Chefs. 


Chef's Sephardic Table

Exploring History and Flavors

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